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Gardening- New things create great classrooms!

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

As a result of educating myself so deeply on food and nutrition, I have turned growing my own food into a passionate classroom of mine. I’m a beginner gardener…and I am committing myself to learning all that I can, to provide a celebration of life right in my SMALL back yard!!

You do not need a massive farm to sustain your family’s nutritional needs…and small beginnings will provide lots of opportunities for understanding and appreciating all that God has provided for us. This journey has already been more fulfilling than I expected. The more I learn, the more grateful I become! Creating a classroom out of this new adventure helps take the pressure off of perfection ;)

By the way, did you realize how AMAZING certain “weeds” are for us?! We generally get mad at them and kill them away…but we are also killing away some fantastic and FREE medicine that God provides right at our fingertips. Pharmaceutical side effects not included!

Dandelions are a fun one to start with!


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